Staff wage increase

    Date: August 9, 2019

    Proficient Cleaning Ltd, being an honest, reliable, transparent and very trustworthy cleaning company and who only provide our cleaning services to selected Bristol clients, are proud to announce that we have taken on another new client. This means we will only have room for one more client this year.

    I feel it has been a tough year for the cleaning industry but Proficient Cleaning is still thriving due to our basic ethos; this being client retention through hard work and all of the above.

    I am happy to announce that we are increasing our hourly rate to certain members of staff to well above the Minimum Wage. My senior management team and I are still very passionate about this business, our clients, staff and the way we deliver our products.

    We are always looking for good members of staff to join our team so please don’t forget to contact us at

    The Managing Directors Blog

    Date: July 11, 2018

    Have you looked at all the existing cleaning companies’ web pages? Well, I would hire them all – great reading, great pictures and fantastic feedback! What are you to do? How can you decide? Just go with the one at the top of the Google search list?

    Think about it; the better the quality of the web page the higher up the search engine means one thing for sure – COSTS! So who will pay for this? Ultimately, the Client. So how should one choose? Who is the right Company? Who can you trust to deliver a fair price for a great job? We are all consumers and this has always been the biggest question for most people always…… so if someone you know and trust recommends the product/contractor, walls come down and the decisions become easier!

    Proficient Cleaning Ltd have grown over the past 24 years, mainly, through word of mouth – yes word of mouth in this day and age! So why invest in a web page now? We have brought our Client’s voices to our web page and we are more than happy for any of our clients’ to be contacted personally to give their opinion of the services we provide.

    Just a new spin on how we have been steadily growing over the past twenty four years.